Countryside, The Future: An Art Museum’s Take on Modern Environmental Issues – Lois Wu ’23

The exhibition was designed to focus on issues surrounding land use in the “countryside”, roughly defined as any non-urban area… I love art museums and think that finding a sustainable human-environment relationship is one of the most pressing issues of our day, but I don’t generally think of art museums as champions of environmental activism—I wanted to see how these topics were brought together in this “not-art-exhibition”.

Color on a Cloudy Day – A Visit to Seattle’s Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition – Sienna Byrne ’23

Usually when going to an art museum, I expect to mill around the galleries looking at various paintings or wander down a few statue-filled corridors. However, my visit to Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition in Seattle completely turned my idea of being immersed in art on its head. The long-term exhibition first opened at Seattle Read more about Color on a Cloudy Day – A Visit to Seattle’s Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition – Sienna Byrne ’23[…]

Inspiration Project 2020: Life through Our Lens

To celebrate the diverse perspectives of our own campus community,
the Student Advisory Board of the Princeton University Art Museum
(SAB) invites you to submit photographs to be digitally displayed as
part of a collaborative photography project. The project is inspired by the exhibition Life Magazine and the Power of Photography, which showcases photography as a storytelling medium with the ability to preserve and re-articulate human experiences.

“Global Clinic” at the Wellcome Collection

Architecture for Global Health – Grace Guan ’20

As someone pursuing a certificate in Global Health and Health Policy, I often think about how to fuse art and engineering to tackle complex problems in the healthcare space. One such problem is that of designing a temporary medical facility used in remote locations to deliver emergency care. As a cost-effective alternative to traditionally constructed Read more about Architecture for Global Health – Grace Guan ’20[…]