➳Jazz Duo: Alice + Jordy

February 10, 2016

Alison Herman

For the single and the skeptical, the Princeton University Art Museum’s “Failed Love” is a can’t-miss. Beloved and broken-hearted alike can look forward to the performance of this jazz duo; Jordy, a jazz vocalist, with Alice on the upright bass.

Jordy Lubkeman'16 and Alice Terrett'16. 

How does love play into jazz?

Jordy: Jazz, like any music, gets a lot of its thematic concepts from love.

Alice: Yeah, there are a lot of female title songs.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Jordy: Yes.

Alice: I believe in attraction at first sight.

Jordy: Well, yeah, because ‘love at first sight’ Implies visual element, but there’s so much more that’s palpable that isn’t seen.

What about love at first sound? Have you ever fallen in love with an artist or certain type of music at first sound?

Jordy: A lot of music is written to grab your attention and make that happen…

Alice: Possibly, insofar as music is attached to an atmosphere or a time in your life.

Do you think music is a tool that can help people fall in love?

Jordy: Music, like any activity, creates an atmosphere for people to be together.

Favorite heartbreak song?

Jordy: First Love by Adele. Adele is good for breakups.

Alice: The National; their music is quite depressing, so any of those.

Jordy: Jazz standard music. It’s definitely failed love music.

When going through a breakup, do you prefer weepy blues music or an angry T-Swift style breakup song?

Jordy: If I was broken up with, I’d put on the happiest music I have.

Alice: I listen to mellow music all the time. I suppose I would just listen to the same.

Although they look forward to a performance filled of heartbreak songs and failed love melodies, both have valentines for the 14th. For those hoping to hear more about this darling duo, come out to theFailed Love event this Thursday, February 11 from 7-9pm at the art museum.