The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the ways in which we express ourselves and perceive others. Masks now cover the majority of our facial expressions, we are kept from others at a six-foot boundary, and we spend most of the day speaking to screens, mimicking the socialization of a pre-COVID-19 world. With so many safety guidelines, how can we express ourselves, and how do we see others?

Protest & Progress: A Poster-Making Workshop

Friday, February 26th, 2021 @ 8:00 pm Join the Student Advisory Board of the Princeton University Art Museum for a live art-making program that will prompt you to think about ways of showing up for issues affecting your communities. Reflecting on the work of artist Elizabeth Catlett (1915–2012), Art & Archaeology PhD student Charmaine Branch Read more about Protest & Progress: A Poster-Making Workshop[…]

Inspiration Project 2020: Life through Our Lens

To celebrate the diverse perspectives of our own campus community,
the Student Advisory Board of the Princeton University Art Museum
(SAB) invites you to submit photographs to be digitally displayed as
part of a collaborative photography project. The project is inspired by the exhibition Life Magazine and the Power of Photography, which showcases photography as a storytelling medium with the ability to preserve and re-articulate human experiences.

SAB Gala 2019: Night Market at the Museum

Join us at Night Market at the Museum! This year’s student gala is inspired by the exhibition The Eternal Feast: Banqueting in Chinese Art from the 10th to the 14th Century. The Student Advisory Board chose this theme because night markets originated in China during the Tang dynasty (618–907), an era that was to have Read more about SAB Gala 2019: Night Market at the Museum[…]

Jim Sanborn: On The Fusion of Art and Science – Grace Guan ’20

On Friday, October 12, the SAB hosted acclaimed artist Jim Sanborn. Ryan Golant, Chair of Academic Outreach invited Sanborn and organized the talk. An Astrophysical Sciences major at Princeton, Ryan chose Sanborn because he “wanted someone who could engage not only the artists at Princeton, but also the scientists, the mathematicians, the engineers—that whole other Read more about Jim Sanborn: On The Fusion of Art and Science – Grace Guan ’20[…]

Inspiration Night 2018: Migrations

The Student Advisory Board invites you to an evening of art, music, conversation, and performances inspired by the theme of migrations and the Art Museum’s exhibitions “Migration and Material Alchemy” and “Photography and Belonging”. The night will feature a podcast-style audio tour and playlist inspired by artworks chosen by student cultural and activist groups, followed Read more about Inspiration Night 2018: Migrations[…]

Failed Love 2018

Heartbreak can be a great muse. Whether you are happily in love, boycotting it forever, or somewhere in between, the Museum’s Student Advisory Board invites you to share your pain at Failed Love, an annual event featuring live music, poetry readings, lots of chocolate, and great art!