March 14, 2013

Meet the Board Members

Meet the 2024 Student Advisory Board members!

Executive Committee

Kelly Park ’25, President
Regina Roberts ’26, Vice President of Programs
Paige Walworth ’26, Vice President of Marketing
Kasia Kirnie ’26, Vice President of Social Media
Cindy Li ’25, Chair of Alumni Engagement
Eve Hawkins ’26, Chair of Community Engagement
Chris Nunez ’26, Chair of Student Engagement
Laurel Jarecki ’27, Chair of Diversity and Inclusion
Jessica Guo ’27, Secretary
Annie Xiong ’25, Co-Social Chair
Kate Ellis ’26, Co-Social Chair

General Membership

Class of 2026:

Tess Dakin
Kellen Ducey
Nadine Allache
Sol Choi
Alexander Picoult
Avantika Matele

Class of 2027:

Talia Goldman
Leo Yu
Gabriella Naveh
Hellen Ding
Madison Anderson
Giselle Sonnier
Jane Buckhurst
Destiny Allen

Interested in joining the SAB? Check out information on the application here.

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