March 14, 2013

Meet the Board Members

Meet the 2020 Student Advisory Board members!

Executive Committee

Jaimee Simwinga ’23, President
Lois Wu ’23, Vice President of Public Programs 
Grace Rocker ’23, Vice President of Marketing and Social Media
Annabelle Berghof ’23, Chair of Alumni Outreach 
Annabel Dupont ’23, Chair of Student Outreach
Joyce Mo ’24, Chair of Community Outreach
Kelsey Franklin ’23, Secretary

General Membership

Class of 2022:

David Timm

Lydia Yi

Class of 2023:

Will Stocovaz

Rhys Drout

Sienna Byrne

Brian Gitahi

Ruby Jacobs

Benjy Jude

Charlotte Merchant

Madison Mellinger

Juliet Sturge

Class of 2024:

Lucia Heminway

Bryan Wang

John Raulston Graham

Lily Kronenberg

Annie Xiong

Elliott Hydon

Interested in joining the SAB? Check out information on the application here.

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