November 7, 2013



Application for the Student Advisory Board

2017 Application Deadline: Saturday, December 10 by midnight Please send via email to Cara Bramson, Student Outreach and Programming Coordinator,

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a group of undergraduate students dedicated to promoting sustained student involvement in the Art Museum and fostering lively participation in the larger Princeton arts community. The SAB meets bi-weekly on Sundays at 3pm during the academic year and is responsible for organizing student-focused events at the Art Museum, including the annual student gala. All students interested in serving on the SAB must apply for a position. Applications are reviewed by a committee composed of staff members of the Art Museum’s Education department and graduating members of the outgoing board. The committee forms a slate of candidates, which is ratified by the outgoing board. Members serve one-year terms, from February to February.

How to Apply: Send the following information to Cara Bramson, by the Saturday December 10, 2016 by midnight.



Class year:

Extracurricular activities:

Eating Club (if applicable):

• Why do you want to be on the SAB?

• How do you know about us?

• What relevant prior experience with art do you have? (Example: prior museum visit, class, internship, etc.)

• Please attend the Student Gala at the Art Museum on Thursday, December 8th (7 – 10pm in the Art Museum galleries, free and open to all)

• What is one thing you liked about the Student Gala? • What is one thing you would change? • If you cannot attend, or did not attend, explain why. Students interested in also serving on the Executive Board must indicate times for interviews and answer additional questions.

• Which position(s) are you applying for?

• What do you think you can bring to this position(s)?

• What new ideas do you have?

• Which day and time can you interview? Indicate your top 3 preferences: 30-minute slot Tuesday, December 13, 4pm – 7pm Thursday,

December 15, 4pm – 7pm

Student Advisory Board Positions:

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee consists of the following suggested roles. The students in these positions will work with each other and the Members-at-Large to manage the activities of the SAB.

President: The President leads and plans all SAB meetings and is the head of the Executive Committee. The President is responsible for managing and maintaining workflow within the SAB as well as ensuring that all tasks are completed in a timely fashion.

Vice President for Social Media and Marketing: The Vice President for Social Media and Marketing is responsible for updating the Facebook page and blog with events, student spotlight interviews, and other projects. He/she also works with Museum staff to develop marketing materials and campaigns for SAB events, and coordinating marketing opportunities for the group (including the semi-annual ODUS Student Activities Fair)

Vice President for Events: The Vice President for Events is responsible for running every SAB sponsored event. This requires overseeing such details as entertainment, performers, food, building services, etc. before the event and overall event logistics.

Chair of Community Outreach: The Chair of Community Outreach works closely with the VP for Events, and is responsible for organizing and executing SAB co-sponsored events that develop or occur outside of the Museum. This includes collaborations with other student groups and SAB-specific team building events. He/she also coordinates regular community services opportunities for the SAB.

Chair of Academic Outreach: The Chair of Academic Outreach is in charge of bringing at least one visiting artist to campus each year as well as developing the academic components of SAB organized events.

Chair of Alumni Outreach: The Chair of Alumni Outreach is responsible for organizing the annual Reunions lunch with alumni working in the arts for SAB members and alumni. They are also responsible for creating a bi-annual newsletter about SAB events and projects for alumni.

Secretary: The Secretary records the minutes of each general meeting of the Student Advisory Board and keeps records of SAB programming and events for future reference. It is imperative that the secretary attend all SAB general membership meetings.

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