An Exclusive Interview with the Goods of Baker & Goods

February 11th, 2015

Ally Markovich

February 12th, Baker & Goods will perform at the Princeton University Art Museum. The event, which will be held in the main gallery, begins at 7pm. What follows is an exclusive interview with Lachie Kermode ’17, singer, song-writer, and anti-serenader, on the theme of the event, Failed Love.

Photo by Ally Markovich 

Photo by Ally Markovich

You’re the Goods in Baker & Goods?

“We realized Charlie’s last name was Baker, and realized a baker normally has goods that he sells, and called ourselves Baker & Goods.”

So, you’re performing at Failed Love.

“I have a lot of experience with that. Most of our songs are about failed love. So that works well.”

“We write music about romantic experiences that haven’t worked out well, or have worked out well, or thought was going to work out well.”

Photo by Sydney King

Photo by Sydney King

Baker & Goods will be performing, among others, Charlie’s song “Saturday Night” (up on Youtube), and Lachie’s songs “Don’t Hold Back”, “Excuse Me Miss”, and a new song called “Letters.”

Have you ever serenaded a girl in the pursuit of love?

“This is sort of anti-serenading. I once played a song that I had written about a girl to her before I broke up with her. It was supposed to be an explanation slash softening. Not sure how well that worked. Probably won’t do it again. But I wrote a lot of music about girls in high school that I would play to them. A girl I dated for a year and half was a musician, and we exchanged songs we wrote about each other.”

Lachie has no advice for his friends who are experiencing failed love. He also has no plans for dates on Valentine’s Day, but he is not opposed to offers.

See you at Failed Love, Thursday January 12th, 7pm, at Princeton University Art Museum, hosted by the Student Advisory Board. R20 and Sherry Romanzi join Baker & Goods in the performance lineup. Food and wine provided.