I like the coffin. And the book of the dead.

Mom (to her children): Hold on, I’m doing an interview. I’m very popular.

Boy: What?

“Have you guys ever been here before? The museum?”

Boy: No.

“What’s your favorite part of the museum that you’ve seen so far?”

Girl: The eggs.

Boy: I like the coffin.

Girl: And the book of the dead.

“Are you studying Egypt in school?”

Boy: Are there any swords here? Are there any bows or arrows?

“Yeah, they have medieval weaponry.”

Boy: Let’s go.

“So you’re in school right now?”

Mom: No, they’re homeschooled.

Boy: We’re in Egypt in our book.

“What’s your favorite part of being homeschooled?”

Boy: You get to read all types of books. And I don’t even know how to read!

Girl: I do! I know how to read. I get to go the library.

Photo and Interview by Pleasant Garner and Jane Urheim