I’m learning how to look at things differently.

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“So, what brings you to the museum? Are you a student here?”

Yeah, I’m in Intro Painting. We have to come look at paintings, make a quick sketch, and answer a bunch of questions about the paintings.

“Why this painting?”

Because there is a chair (laughter) … last week I had to sit on the ground and it was really uncomfortable.

“What are you studying?”

EEB – yeah, I needed an LA … (laughter)

“Do you like it? Do you see yourself as somewhat artistic?”

Yeah, I’m also very into music, so not necessarily art that I make with my hands.

“Are the other people in your class really intimidating?”

Oh my god, yes. Some people are at my level, but some people have had real drawing experience, and their paintings look perfect.

“What do you struggle most with?”

I mean at the beginning – and still – learning how to mix the rights shades, and [my teacher] talked about warm and cool colors and I don’t really see it yet, and that’s kind of frustrating. Figuring out how to mix the paint with the water, get the dimensions right, and just like learning how to look at things … Because you see something, and you’re like, oh, that’s blue, but you don’t really look at the shading. So I’m learning how to look at things differently.

“Has that changed how you walk through a museum?”

Yes, definitely.

“More respect for art?”

Yeah, more respect. How [the artists] can do that, it’s really difficult.

“Do you have a favorite piece here? Or style or art?”

Yeah, I like the landscapes.

“Do you find comfort in the museum in any way?”

Yeah, I mean, it’s nice to come here and be like oh, I’m not in school, I’m in a museum – I’m so cool (laughter).

“Did you ever come here before this class?”

Yeah, I came here a few times. I think there was a photography exhibit sometime last year. I came with a couple of friends; it was a nice distraction.

“Did you go to art museums growing up?”

No, not really. I don’t really like going to art museums … (laughter) I really like this one, but when I’m in New York, the modern art … I say ok, well cool.

Photo and Interview by Jane Urheim and Pleasant Garner