David Lind Talks About Creativity, Failed Love, and Everything In-between


Who is David Lind? 

David: “Basically, David Lind is someone who wants to play music however he can, as much as he can.”

David Lind has been playing music and writing songs since he was about 13. Towards the later half of his high school years songwriting became more than a hobby, playing in coffee shops back home and performing in some cooler venues in Phoenix.

David: “Since relocating to Princeton, it’s kind of been a search to find any way to play, so I’m always looking for any opportunities.”

One of the ways this came about was starting the band Valley Academy last spring with his friends. They won Battle of the Bands and opened for Big Sean at Lawnparties.

This past semester, Valley Academy has been playing different gigs between eating clubs, and David says he hopes they’ll be performing gigs soon at the Jersey Shore.

What songs will you be playing this Thursday?

David: My own singer/songwriter stuff is separate from Valley Academy in that I do a lot of ballads and folk style songs. Some tell stories, some are about love. I’ll be doing some of my originals and then I will also be doing a lot of covers from some of my favorite songwriters, ranging from Jonny Cash to Ed Sheeran to Passenger. I love pop. Maybe some John Mayer.

How would you say failed love (or love in general) has inspired your music making? 

David: The first love song I ever wrote was in high school after a break-up with a girl. That was the first time I wrote songs about a girl specifically, and it was a little weird and I was kind of uncomfortable with it. But any time your emotions are more involved, as they are in a relationship, you’re gonna get a more raw song, for better or for worse.

Most songs by and large are about love or failed love, and that’s because they just elicit so much emotional response, and it’s something that’s pretty universally relatable.

Any advice for those who are experiencing failed love? 

David: Create something. Turn nasty stuff into good stuff. Redeem.

Is there a song we should be looking out for on Thursday?

David: I have a song called “Blue Moon” that’s an original, and it’s about what I think a good relationship would look like and it tells a story too. It’s a pretty chill song, folky.

Can we find your music online? 

For Valley Academy’s music, valleyacademymusic.com

For David’s own acoustic creations, check out jdavidlind.bandcamp.com