Humans of the Art Museum – Visitors From Staten Island

Hi, our names are Ed and Elaine. We are coming from Staten Island.

Are you a first-time visitor to the Museum? Have you been before?

We’ve been to this beautiful museum maybe twenty years ago, when it was quite small. And we come near Princeton once or twice a year to visit relatives. Today, we took a walk and decided to come in again and see Cézanne and Monet. It has been at least a couple of years since our last visit to the museum. We’re retired, which is why you’re finding us here on a weekday.

What appeals to you about this museum, or museums in general?

Elaine: I like the impressionists. In fact, we have an original Renoir in our house, a sketch of his. We cherish it.

Ed: Personally, I’m not a big museum-goer. But when it’s art like this, it’s a draw. I come to see the great artists of the past. I just enjoy looking.

What allows you to relate with pieces?

Ed: I find museum viewing to be a very rewarding experience. It’s wonderful to see the artists of the past compared to modern art, to trace progressions and patterns and such. I prefer having scenery or nature in a canvas to better relate to it. For instance, these impressionist paintings give you a serene feeling. It’s nice.

Anything else?

We live in Manhattan, so there are obviously plenty of museums around. Lately, though, we haven’t been going as frequently. Of course, there’s the Met; I go a lot (Elaine). We take our grandkids to the Met.

We appreciate our grandkids’ art. Their little projects are also so innovative. I prefer older art to modern art (Ed), but our grandkids’ art is definitely modern! We still love it.

Our four-year-old grandson was talking about blending colors to my daughter (his mother) the other day, telling her about how you mix primary colors to get additional ones. She asked, “who taught you this?” “Nana and Papa.”  

Post by Joseph Ort ’21.