Humans of the Art Museum – A Friendly Visit

Hi there! My name is Connie. I am visiting the Princeton University Art Museum because my friend lives in New Jersey, and we love doing things like this together. I am a first-time visitor to the museum! I’ve made my way down here after spending about an hour upstairs. But I’m very glad I’ve come. I am from New York; I live outside of the city. My husband is actually on the Board of Directors for the Museum of the City of New York, which is on Fifth Ave and 103rd St. (I interpolate: I saw an advertisement for that exact museum last year, but I’ve never been!). Connie: You really need to go. It is a special museum that documents so much about New York. It actually is one of the ‘big’ museums in New York, even if the Met and Museum of Natural History are more high-profile.

Connie’s friend joins her from the Art of the Ancient Americas Gallery: I live in Edison, but I’m originally from Brooklyn (if anyone asks!). This is one of my favorite art museums. I second Connie, the Museum of New York has some incredible history, definitely worth a visit!

Connie: I know Yale also has an amazing art museum. It’s rewarding to be invested in museums and maintain connections with them, even if that means only visiting once.

I just love the art in the museum. Both the old masters as well as ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art. It’s so interesting to see changes and progressions through the art. Like I said, we spent an hour upstairs, and those paintings are just stunning. But the artifacts down here are fascinating as well.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of the Museum!

Post by Joseph Ort ’21.

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