Inspiration Project 2020: Life through Our Lens

“How is historical and social memory preserved, transformed, restricted, and obliterated by photographs? What futures are promised; what futures are forgotten?”

Allan Sekula


To celebrate the diverse perspectives of our own campus community, the Student Advisory Board of the Princeton University Art Museum (SAB) invites you to submit photographs to be featured on the SAB’s Instagram and Facebook accounts as part of a collaborative photography project.

The project is inspired by the exhibition Life Magazine and the Power of Photography, which showcases photography as a storytelling medium with the ability to preserve and re-articulate human experiences. Submissions are due by April 13, 2020 and can be entered under any of our five themes. Participants are encouraged to browse through the selected works under each theme for inspiration. Submissions can come in the form of single images, photo essays, or multiple independent submissions and do not need to be taken specifically for this initiative—if you have an image that relates to these themes, feel welcome to submit it. We can’t wait to see your stories!

All submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee. Participants will be notified of selection prior to digital publication.

For more details and submission guidelines, click here

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