Recap: Failed Love 2014

It might have been cold outside, but Failed Love still drew a large, warm crowd this past Thursday evening. Several of the Museum’s galleries were transformed into an intimate coffeehouse setting. Students lounged on couches and walked about the galleries, cheering on the performers. Poets like Chris Littlewood and Lana Daniels shared their tales of love lost and love found. Old NasSoul’s wide-ranging set included both oldies and popular hits centered on the theme of love. Quipfire lightened the mood with silly sketches and heartfelt laughs. When students weren’t talking or listening to performances, they wandered over to the refreshment table, noshing on chocolate-covered strawberries and an impressive cheese board. Many students also got a peek at the visiting Munch exhibition and the “500 Years of Italian Master Drawings” show. Failed Love may have been a tongue-in-cheek theme, poking fun at the overblown production that is Valentine’s Day, but there was still a lot of good feelings and camaraderie in the Museum that night.