Summer ABroad – Dora Chen

I got home a few days ago after spending five weeks in Brazil studying Ecology and Conservation Biology. Most days were spent doing fieldwork, but on the weekends we often took our rattling little van into Sao Paulo city and explored the museums, parks, and neighborhoods. To be truthful, I know very little about art, Read more about Summer ABroad – Dora Chen[…]

Summer ABroad – Tina Wei

This summer, I studied abroad in the Plato in Berlin program through the Princeton Philosophy Department, along with another member of the SAB, Grace. Although the class itself was focused on Plato’s Republic, our co-curricular excursions were primarily—and perhaps accidentally—focused on the theme of curating cultural spaces. I say that this was an accidental theme Read more about Summer ABroad – Tina Wei[…]

Summer ABroad – Michaela Milgrom

This summer, I have had the engrossing and eye-opening experience of interning at Gagosian Gallery in New York City. Gagosian was founded in 1979 by Larry Gagosian in Los Angeles, and has grown to become arguably the most important contemporary art gallery in the world. We operate across a total of eleven gallery spaces, including Read more about Summer ABroad – Michaela Milgrom[…]

Summer ABroad – Margot Yale

Hello from Athens, Greece! I’m currently in the last week of my PIIRS Global Seminar on “A Land of Light and Shadows: Modern Greek Literature and Photography.” Over the course of the past five weeks, we have traveled to Delphi, Mycenae, Crete, and all around Athens to explore the ruins of Ancient Greece and the Read more about Summer ABroad – Margot Yale[…]

Summer ABroad – Zahava Presser

I am home in New York City this summer because I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in Princeton’s Interfaith Summer Internship Program (ISIP), and to spend eight weeks learning about three things that are very important to me: New York City, religion, and art. ISIP pairs each of its students with an internship at Read more about Summer ABroad – Zahava Presser[…]

Summer ABroad – Ally Markovich

In Harare, Zimbabwe African contemporary art. It’s coming. The eyes of the contemporary art world are slowly turning toward the African continent. I’m spending the summer working at a contemporary art gallery, First Floor Gallery Harare (FFGH), in Zimbabwe’s capital city. I’ve gotten a uniquely intimate and in-depth look at a field that most Zimbabweans Read more about Summer ABroad – Ally Markovich[…]

Summer ABroad – Grace Singleton

Walking around Princeton’s campus, we pass numerous large-scale sculptures on a daily basis. These artworks are convenient for becoming an impromptu playground for visiting or a striking backdrop for your Houseparties photos. If you’re like me, at least, you probably don’t stop to consider either the motivation behind these sculptures or the purpose that their Read more about Summer ABroad – Grace Singleton[…]

Summer ABroad – Annelies Paine

Hello friends of the SAB!  This year SAB members will be writing posts about their summer experiences.  We hope to bring you a taste of what it’s like to work in the art world and to explore local artists around the country and the world! Check in every weekend for new posts. ******************************************************************************** Adventures in Read more about Summer ABroad – Annelies Paine[…]

Munch + Music

The SAB is excited to introduce a musical tour of the PUAM’s Munch exhibit, just in time for Inspiration Night!  SAB member Dalma Földesi and Jean Dreaux of the WPRB took inspiration from each work of art and paired it with a song. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here… …and check out the Munch Read more about Munch + Music[…]