November 23, 2014


“What is your favorite part about the Princeton University Art Museum?”

“I think that my favorite part is seeing exhibits come and go, and the variety of different types of art that we are around every day.  I think that it’s fair to say that my favorite John Singer Sargent is the one that we have here.  I have been to the Met and theirs don’t measure up to ours.  One of my favorite pieces is the Madonna and Child that is carved out of a tree trunk, which is in the medieval gallery.  Another one of my favorites is a painting that is in the European galleries that looks like a photograph because of the detail.”

 “Why do you think art is important?”

“Art is important because people can express themselves.  It’s like a sort of therapy because it’s like a calm.  You’ve got different types of art such as landscapes, portraits, modern art.  You’ve got sculpture. So it’s a way of expression for some, as the artist and for the recipient I think that it’s soothing and comforting.”