Inspiration Night Spotlight: Chandler Cleveland ’18 – Old NasSoul


For Inspiration Night, Old NasSoul will be performing four songs that have everything to do with change, from change in how one thinks about their current situation in life represented by our song “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”, to internal change in the recent song “Same Drugs” by Chance the Rapper, to the hope for change as passionately expressed in “A Change Is Gonna Come.” We will also be performing a widely-recognized religious hymn, “Amazing Grace”, as another song to represent the hope that we have to be blessed and transformed in the midst of adversity.

We believe activism and art go hand-in-hand because they both exist to send a message, and sometimes that message can be simple or it can be profound and motivational. The practice of activism requires creativity because activists want to garner attention to their mission and goals. Music, we believe, is one of the greatest ways to get the public’s attention and to send our message about the need for positive, productive, and passionate change.

Come see Old NasSoul perform at 8:25pm this Thursday at Inspiration Night (7-9pm @ the PUAM)!

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