Inspiration Night Spotlight: Faridah Laffan ’18 – Katzenjammers


We’ll be singing  Somewhere Over the Rainbow (from the Wizard of Oz), Pure Imagination (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, and Alice in Wonderland. We chose these pieces because they’re all about working towards or thinking about better places or times. As is said in Pure Imagination, “Anything you want to, do it/ Want to change the world?/ There’s nothing to it.”
To me, activism and the arts cannot be separated. Regardless of political affiliation, the arts- be they visual or performance- can be appreciated by all. As such, music and art provide powerful tools for unification and conversation when divisions between groups of people appear insurmountable.
Come see the Katzenjammers perform at 8pm this Thursday at Inspiration Night: Art & Activism (7-9pm @ PUAM)!