Humans of the Art Museum – The Four Women of Montgomery

“The [Art Museum] really is a jewel in Princeton.” –The four women of Montgomery

On a rainy Thursday, four friends from Montgomery township took a trip to the Princeton University Art Museum. A “group of essentially retired women who had careers in education,” they came for the “cultural experience close to home” and, of course, the Cezanne exhibit. They were not new to the museum, which they described as “a jewel in Princeton.” Their frequent visits had given them a sharp eye for the stylistic qualities and aesthetic trademarks present in the works of the various featured artists. Laura commented that she was “starting to recognize the different painters,” a point of pride because her “parents went to RISD.” When asked about their favorite pieces in the museum, no two answers were alike. Jane, pointing to the two glass cases containing elaborate dresses in the 17th-19th century European Art section of the upper galleries, enjoyed tracking the different garments. Laura, an educator who formerly conducted teaching workshops at Princeton, was partial to the Monet landscapes; “everybody likes Impressionists,” she remarked. As for Susan, an engineer, the diverse array of work in the museum prompted an expression of general appreciation; “I love art,” she replied simply. Well said, Susan, well said.

Post by Liana Cohen ’20.