SAB Gala 2018 Performer Spotlight – Fuzzy Dice

Photo courtesy of Fuzzy Dice Improv Comedy at the 2018 Spring Lawnparties.

Interview by Raya Ward with Fuzzy Dice Members: Lowell Hutchinson, Ben Bollinger, Jonathan Som.

Raya: I haven’t seen Fuzzy Dice perform at the Princeton University Art Museum before, but I’ve been to a Fuzzy Dice show. How will your performance Thursday be the same or different?

Ben: On Thursday, we’ll be playing Objection, 6in3 and No You Didn’t. For shorter shows, we pull from the same games as our longer performance and don’t do long form improv. These are fun because we just get to shorter games which the audience still really enjoys.

Raya: The Gala should be a good introduction then for those who haven’t seen a full Fuzzy Dice show! The Gala’s theme is based of the museums current exhibition, Nature’s Nation: American Art and Environment. Have y’all had the chance to visit the exhibition?

Lowell: I actually got to demo the ArtBot that will be at the Gala! I really enjoyed that it really made me look at different pieces of art that I might have just passed by. I think my taste in art typically focuses on one genre, but the exhibition really allowed me to take in a broad range.

Raya: I’m so glad! It’s a really diverse exhibition. Also, Nature’s Nation, in its discussion of environmental changes and growing activism, is an exhibition that may ignite conversations on important topics such as conservation, climate change, and deforestation, etc. How do you think Fuzzy Dice performances can bring attention to important societal issues as well?

Ben: We don’t ever make it an explicit goal, but it definitely comes up. Especially in our game Objection, where we pretend to be experts on a topic, we often end up making a comment related to some issue. We never have a direct message, but we’ll use humor to point out inconsistencies or just bring up topics lighthearthedly.

Raya: That’s awesome! I am so excited to see y’all perform! My last question to you is what are y’all most excited for at the Gala?

Jonathan: Since there are so many different groups coming, I feel like the audience is going to be from a lot of different circles. I am excited to be able to perform for a new audience and also to see what the other groups on campus are doing.

Raya: You’re so right. We have lots of great performers and hope to draw a crowd from all over campus! Thank you guys. I’ll see you Thursday.