SAB Gala 2018 Performer Spotlight – Princeton Tigressions

Incredibly excited that the Princeton Tigressions will be performing at the 2018 SAB Gala: Wonders of the Wilderness! For this performer spotlight, SAB Secretary Anoushka Mariwala interviews her friend, Tigression Carina Lewandowski ‘21.

Anoushka: We’re so excited to have the TGs back with us! What’s your favorite part about performing at the Art Museum?

Carina: Other than arch sings, the Art Museum is the only place we really get to perform for other students! The Art Museum also attracts a different crowd than the usual arch sing-goers, and it’s always so much fun to see new faces.

Anoushka: How do you think your performance reflects some of the themes in Nature’s Nation: American Art and Environment?

Carina: I think some of our more choral pieces really embody the feel of the Nature’s Nation exhibit. Singing in that style requires us to listen really carefully to one another, and I think listening is certainly a means through which we can better understand and appreciate the environment.

Anoushka: Do you have a personal favorite piece in the Nature’s Nation exhibit?

Carina: My favorite piece from the exhibit would probably be Albert Bierstadt’s Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite. It’s such a beautiful landscape painting and I’m looking forward to seeing it on Thursday!

Anoushka: What are you most excited for about this year’s Gala?

Carina: Definitely the dress code! I can’t wait to see everyone arriving in their “wilderness chic” outfits!

Anoushka: Thanks so much Carina! Can’t wait to see you there, and a big thank you to the Princeton Tigressions!

Photo courtesy of Princeton Tigressions.