SAB Gala 2019: Night Market at the Museum

Join us at Night Market at the Museum! This year’s student gala is inspired by the exhibition The Eternal Feast: Banqueting in Chinese Art from the 10th to the 14th Century.

The Student Advisory Board chose this theme because night markets originated in China during the Tang dynasty (618–907), an era that was to have profound cultural and artistic influence on nearly every succeeding dynasty in China. These markets have since expanded into a global practice, bringing together communities worldwide. The night market, as a site for the most informal of feasting, is a place to celebrate, eat, gather, and spread joy.

This event embodies these ideals by highlighting the enduring celebration around food and drink seen in the artworks of The Eternal Feast. We invite you to feast your eyes and feed your soul.


7pm – 8pm: Alex Laurenzi Trio

8:05pm – 8:20pm: Triple 8 Dance Company

8:25pm – 8:40pm: The Princeton Tigressions

8:45pm – 9pm: Princeton Triangle Club

9:05pm – 9:20pm: VTone

9:25pm – 9:40pm: Princeton Bhangra


The Coffee Club

Princeton Institute for Chocolate Studies

Chez Alice Princeton

Olives Princeton

Shanghai Park


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