An Afternoon at the deCordova – Isabel Griffith-Gorgati ’21

The deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum just outside of Boston is where I learned to ride a bike as a kid. Its wide-open space made it the perfect spot for a small child to whiz along unhampered. I rediscovered this haven for the first time in many years during a family birthday picnic on Sunday. The atmosphere at the park has changed slightly – visitors move with caution, donning masks and skirting each other on pathways. There’s a two-hour time limit on each visit to reduce density in the park. But despite these reminders of our new COVID world, the sculptures, many of which have been there as long as I can remember, emanate a sense of solidity and peace.

Printmaking: A Summer In Cyan – Anoushka Mariwala ’21

My interest in analog photography, and a class I took last semester on German Media Theory segued into a desire to learn more about cultural tools to see, record, and document. Cyanotypes gave me a new lens through which to look at my immediate environment — to focus on color, contour, shape, and opacity and critically think about how I see and define shapes.

When Art Danced With Music: An Artistic Revolution – Anika Yardi ’21

“In 2013 I was fortunate enough to visit the National Gallery of Art to view a special exhibition — “Diaghalev and the Ballet Russes: When Art Danced With Music.” It showcased the history, theatricality, and unparalleled artwork of the Ballet Russes, a Russian ballet company that performed in the mid 20th century, breaking all traditions of ballet and dance.” Anika Yardi ’21 reflects on her experience, “The more I went through the exhibition, the more I was able to draw parallels between my dance practice and the art I saw before me. I saw similarities between the colorful costumes, the mythological and ancient stories being played out on a stage, and even the sense of camaraderie that can only come from putting on a production…. This experience made me reconsider my notion of what constituted art, and ever since then I have viewed both the dances that I perform and the art that I love in a more golden light.”

Inspiration from the Past at the Louvre – Lydia Yi’ ’22

“As I passed the renowned glass Pyramid and the crowds of tourists, I wondered if the experience of actually seeing world-famous works of art would live up to the anticipation. Nevertheless, the knowledge of standing in a labyrinth of art— the city’s largest museum, each work crafted from an artist’s own hands and a reflection of their heart and their respective places in society, was enough to remind me that there’s always something to learn for the willing viewer.”

Countryside, The Future: An Art Museum’s Take on Modern Environmental Issues – Lois Wu ’23

The exhibition was designed to focus on issues surrounding land use in the “countryside”, roughly defined as any non-urban area… I love art museums and think that finding a sustainable human-environment relationship is one of the most pressing issues of our day, but I don’t generally think of art museums as champions of environmental activism—I wanted to see how these topics were brought together in this “not-art-exhibition”.

Color on a Cloudy Day – A Visit to Seattle’s Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition – Sienna Byrne ’23

Usually when going to an art museum, I expect to mill around the galleries looking at various paintings or wander down a few statue-filled corridors. However, my visit to Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition in Seattle completely turned my idea of being immersed in art on its head. The long-term exhibition first opened at Seattle Read more about Color on a Cloudy Day – A Visit to Seattle’s Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition – Sienna Byrne ’23[…]

Mattress Factory – Nora Wildberg ’21

After a recent family move to Pittsburgh, I was looking forward to exploring the many art museums this new city had to offer. Upon recommendation from several Pittsburghers, I decided to visit the Mattress Factory, a contemporary art museum that houses some of the most wonderful installation exhibits I was soon to discover.  Having done Read more about Mattress Factory – Nora Wildberg ’21[…]

Alserkal Avenue and Louvre Abu Dhabi – Anoushka Mariwala ’21

It was the usual 110F in Dubai as I strolled through Alserkal Avenue and slipped into the Ishara Art Foundation’s first, and very new, gallery. My relief at escaping the blistering sun was quickly overtaken by surprise and wonder, as I was immediately faced with Zarina’s massive Home is a Foreign Place — one of Read more about Alserkal Avenue and Louvre Abu Dhabi – Anoushka Mariwala ’21[…]

Hidden Art of the Barrio Oeste – Salamanca, Spain – Shelby Kinch ’22

One afternoon as I trekked home from class through the scorching midday heat I took a wrong turn and found myself in a quiet alley in the suburbs of Salamanca. Salamanca, located in the Castile and León region of Spain, hosts one of the world’s oldest universities and centers around the stunning Plaza Mayor, a Read more about Hidden Art of the Barrio Oeste – Salamanca, Spain – Shelby Kinch ’22[…]