The Practice of Placemaking with Groundwork Bridgeport by Annabel Dupont

This summer I am working remotely for Groundwork Bridgeport, a non-profit organization based out of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The organization is broadly focused on revitalizing the city of Bridgeport through education, sustainable development and community empowerment. At the core of much of their work is the notion of “placemaking” or the creation of beautiful spaces with Read more about The Practice of Placemaking with Groundwork Bridgeport by Annabel Dupont[…]

Visiting a Maestrapeace with Grace Rocker

Turning down 18th street, I make eye contact with Guatemalan human rights activist, Roberta Menchú Tum and know I’ve finally made it. Darting across the street, more bright colors emerge and four striking profiles representing the ancestral mothers of Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe come into view. I feel my steps slow as if Read more about Visiting a Maestrapeace with Grace Rocker[…]

Visiting Legion of Honor with Lydia Yi

This summer, for my first museum visit since the pandemic began, I attended the exhibition Last Supper in Pompeii: From the Table to the Grave at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. Known for its incredible collection of European as well as ancient art, this is one of my favorite museums to visit Read more about Visiting Legion of Honor with Lydia Yi[…]

SAB Summers – Translation at Kunstverein München with Annabelle Berghof

This summer I have been working virtually for the Kunstverein München, an arts association and gallery space in Munich that displays exhibitions by international contemporary artists. My role at the Kunstverein has been mainly translation so far, and I am learning a lot about good translation practices, such as how much editing is too much Read more about SAB Summers – Translation at Kunstverein München with Annabelle Berghof[…]

2021 Report on the State of Living in Suburbia by Lois Wu

2021 Report on the State of Living in Suburbia. That’s what I named my final project in VIS 213: Digital Photography. During a semester when the Princeton University Art Museum was closed and we couldn’t travel outside of Princeton to visit other museums or galleries, viewing and discussing my classmates’ photographs during our Wednesday Zoom Read more about 2021 Report on the State of Living in Suburbia by Lois Wu[…]

Replicating Reality: Kelsey Franklin Visits the Getty Villa Museum

My first time entering a museum as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to pull back, opening up greater opportunities for experiencing normal life, was an interesting one. I returned home to Los Angeles, California and visited the Getty Villa Museum in the hills of the Pacific Palisades. The Getty Villa is a full-scale recreation and replica of a Roman country house populated with artifacts that have been excavated and collected from Italy such as statues and pottery. It is truly a marvelous experience to be there because visitors feel as if they have stepped from their world into one of the past.

A Magical Madrid Afternoon – Benjy Jude ’23

In retrospect, maybe it was the mischievous adventure of the event, maybe it was the attention I received in that moment over my sibling rivals, but every moment, out the door of the apartment, down the streets, into the museum’s elevator, and from one end of the massive painting to the next—I think we looked at it for 20 minutes, and even that felt rushed—was magic.

An Afternoon at the deCordova – Isabel Griffith-Gorgati ’21

The deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum just outside of Boston is where I learned to ride a bike as a kid. Its wide-open space made it the perfect spot for a small child to whiz along unhampered. I rediscovered this haven for the first time in many years during a family birthday picnic on Sunday. The atmosphere at the park has changed slightly – visitors move with caution, donning masks and skirting each other on pathways. There’s a two-hour time limit on each visit to reduce density in the park. But despite these reminders of our new COVID world, the sculptures, many of which have been there as long as I can remember, emanate a sense of solidity and peace.

Printmaking: A Summer In Cyan – Anoushka Mariwala ’21

My interest in analog photography, and a class I took last semester on German Media Theory segued into a desire to learn more about cultural tools to see, record, and document. Cyanotypes gave me a new lens through which to look at my immediate environment — to focus on color, contour, shape, and opacity and critically think about how I see and define shapes.